Oxblood and Turquoise

Although the scuba/neoprene material was in trend a few seasons ago, I personally, have only recently fallen in love with it. Bought this oxblood dress by chance at Makro and it has now become my favorite item for this winter. 

Oxblood and Turquoise

It keeps me warm, feels good on the skin and it hugs me at all the right places - I love it.

Easy to maintain, doesn't attract a lot of lint or crease at all, I find that I often have to stop myself from buying all clothing items I come across which are made from the same material.

A few days ago, I paired it with thrifted turquoise court heels, and the look was a hit at the office.


Frugal Living: End of Season Sales

Boys Shirt Short Shoes LoveDilo
Shoo Shoos Mr Price RTKids PicknPay Clothing Song's Style Flatlay
The best time to shop for clothes or anything for that matter, is at the end of the season sale, prices are usually slashed to clearance levels. 

Its almost winter, however I bought my son this summer shirt and shorts at this years end of summer sale.
I got them in a size that he will be wearing next summer, however it was a great sunny day so I decided that he take full stylish advantage of it and we headed to the park for some play time and Vitamin D.

At the end of this winter, I'll make sure to stock up for next winter. 


Frugal Living - Grocery Store Shopping

baby fashion flat lay Ever since I had kids, I visit the clothing aisle whenever I do some grocery shopping. I'll admit, at first I used to doubt the quality of the clothing. I decided to give it a try and I discovered that in reality, it is no different to any other fast fashion outlet actually in some cases its even better. The price is definitely worth the value.
Red Hula HoopWhat I also like most about shopping at the grocery store is that most fashionistas stick to only like buying food at such shops and as result the chances of bumping into someone wearing the same clothes as you are very slim. 
It's a great spot for basics and children's clothes, they grow out of those clothes every two weeks, I have learned not buy them expensive items.

In the ever increasing cost of living, this is one way of maintaining ones style... so, go on, live frugally stylish, grab a white tee along with your milk carton ;)

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